"25 years ago, the key metric for mail-order stores was catalog circulation. More catalogs in more mailboxes = more sales. It made sense then, but if today's department stores—or any retailer—counted print catalogs as their main measure of growth, they'd be missing a huge part of their business"

- Digital Marketing: It's Time to Rethink Measurement for a Mobile-First World
Matt Lawson, Director of Marketing, Performance Ads, Google.

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Use online channels to expand your reach, grow your branding efforts and offer new products and services. Tab new segments of market, and create your expertise.

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Search Engine Optimzation

Book a consulting session with us to know the tactics to rank up in Google search. We offer SEO services with a focused and transparent approach. We use through discussions, detailed research and fact based recommendations to optimize your website and help it rank on first page of Google.

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Good SEO is like gardening. We follow the similar approach to it. We plan, prepare the ground, plant and sprout, feed and finally maintain your SEO efforts with our digital expertise. See how we brought one of our customers to Page 1 of Google.

Social Media Marketing

Just want a plain, simple, good looking website? Look no further.

1.13 billion users engage actively with Facebook daily. Here's a detail on active user engagement for social media. With growing segments of people with unique set of requirements, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and many others have been added to the list of social media channels. Capture the social media market through different channels available today.

  • Reduce Advertising Cost
  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Reach broader set of customers

We exercise analysis of your past content, and improve your posts with reference to industry's best practices. Leverage our expertise to ensure your social marketing is up to the mark for today's digital game.

We help you create a social media channel plan which provides you a visibility and a sense of direction for your efforts

How much does internet marketing cost?
The average cost of internet marketing is based on the categories you choose. The minimum average cost for any service is INR 5000/-